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Enter the Library

and behave yourself!


open door


October 28th, 2008

(no subject)

open door

The Librarian's Dewey Decimal Section:

109 Historical & collected persons treatment

The Librarian = 085292818914 = 085+292+818+914 = 2109

100 Philosophy & Psychology

Books on metaphysics, logic, ethics and philosophy.

What it says about you:
You're a careful thinker, but your life can be complicated and hard for others to understand at times. You try to explain things and strive to express yourself.

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November 16th, 2007


open door
The Librarian is leery of guests, patrons can be such a nuisance, always handling the books. A writer just might be different. He'll put the tea on to be polite, and hope whoever it is doesn't faint at the sight of him.

February 20th, 2007

On any given day the Librarian is kept busy trying to keep any open doors he finds shut, chasing various goblins and bookworms away from eating/tearing out the pages of/scribbling on the books. He has to sleep once in a while, never as often as he'd like, but once he woke up from a nap to find three gobllins engaged in a snowball fight with balled up pages in the History of Goblin Civilization aisle. It took him months to get all the pages uncrinkled and rebound into the proper volumes in the proper order. If you're actively seeking the librarian, although not many do, the best place to find him is at the long table and bench where he repairs the books. Only the most foolhardy of goblins would incur his wrath by touching this area, as he always returns to it sooner rather than later and generally in a very foul mood. Waiting here without touching anything is the best way to find him, and nibbling on/dog-earing pages of/making notes in the margins of the books while waiting for him here is the best way to find oneself in an oubliette with one trick door out that leads directly into the bog of stench.

February 12th, 2007

OOC Character profile

Character Profile - The Librarian
Name:Just the Librarian
Birthday:A very long time ago
Birthplace:Outside the labyrinth, in a vast marketplace
Current Location:the Library
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Grey
Height:Roughly eight feet
Right or Left Handed:Ambidexterous
Character Heritage:Unknown
Character Past:Pitfighter in a large marketplace until he bought his freedom
Weakness:Bad leg, arthritis, and a soft heart
Fears:Anything drastically bad happening to the library
Hopes:Someday the patrons will all go away
Major Goal:Getting everything repaired and taking a long nap
Most Overused Phrase:Don't damage that. *glower*
Thoughts First Waking Up:What's been damaged now??
Best Physical Feature:Being more dangerous than he looks
Bedtime:Whenever he can catch a few minutes to close his eyes
Most Missed Memory:A quiet day in the library
Number of Friends: Every book is a friend
Swear:When he has cause to
Drink:Not really

Original survey scripting taken from here, and drastically altered. Because.

Detailed Description of physical Appearance: The Librarian is roughly eight feet tall and very broad shouldered, with a head that's set slightly forward. He wears a massive, shapeless patchwork coat that adds to his hulking appearance. His head and face could be described as slightly draconic, with two heavy goatlike horns that curve backward, the left of which has the last quarter or so broken cleanly off. He has feathery eyebrows, a beard, and long wavy hair, all grey with faint streaks of blue and brown. His face is covered in very short fur, blue shading to pinkish at the throat. He wears glasses most of the time, although these are primarily for seeing up close. His muzzle is scarred, and his large cow-like ears are ragged and have several hoop earrings. His hands are also covered in fine blue fur on top, pinkish underneath. He has three fingers and a thumb, the third finger almost as wide as the other two, with a long curving talon that he keeps covered with metal caps so as not to risk damage to the books. This third finger is often kept curled under, so that he manipulates most things with the first two and his thumb. His hands are gnarled and knotty and heavily veined, hinting at arthritis and general age. All his fingers have almost claw-like nails, thick and slightly pointed. He walks with a pronounced limp and usually uses a heavy walking cane on the right side. On his back are two wings that look almost like those of a dragonfly, but which are heavily scarred and broken. The raises slightly and rattle against each other when he is very annoyed, but he does not seem to have any nerves in them, so that if they are touched he may not notice. He has a long tail, tufted at the tip with more wavy grey hair streaked with blue and brown. There is no hole at the back of his coat for this, but it is long enough to trail out from under the floor-length hem. His tail is generally dragged, but is capable of being twitched about or lashed. The coat is generally not fastened at the front, revealing a conservative shirt, vest, and pants beneath. His feet are bare, blue furred on top, taloned and draconic. He is wiry and with a build proportionate to his height, hinting at a once-muscular physique but the vest shows a slight paunch. His posture is slightly stooped and hunched forward but this may simply be his natural posture instead of an attribute of age. The coat he wears has many interior pockets that add to his bulk, and he may carry some of the most precious books hidden on himself in these.

OOC questions about the librarian can be asked/answered on this post.
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